Design Diary: Concept Board


A concept board is a helpful tool to both client and designer.  It communicates the designer's vision to the client, and shows the client that the designer has been listening to them.  Or not!

Creating a concept allows the designer to create an original, site specific design.  Information gathered through the initial design meeting is used and expanded on.  Site location, aspect, history, existing architecture, existing materials and colour, existing furniture, client's preferences, are all used in the development of the concept.

The images used in the concept are not necessarily part of the design; rather they convey a feel for the completed design.  A concept board is valuable in staying with the design brief.  It helps to edit the multitude of items and ideas available, but may not fit the overall concept.

The concept board above was used to communicate a clean, contemporary feel to the project.  Warmth and texture was added to the neutral palette through timber and marble.  The concept board was referred to throughout the project to ensure selected items and materials met the brief.