Design Consultant Services

My client list has doubled and tripled every year I have been in business. What I have noticed is that not all clients are looking for a full-service design package. In fact, a majority of my clients retained my services to help them come up with a solution to a niggling design problem they were having issues with. Each project is as individual as the client. As a result, I have simplified my pricing to reflect the individual requirement of each project. (More information on Design Consultant Services. and Pricing can be found here.)

As some of these projects can be completed via email, this service is a now available online. This means that anyone outside of Sydney can access the Design Consultant Services too! Payment is available via Stripe… please contact me at for more details.

Some examples of individual projects might include:

Joinery: A cabinet maker might be able to install build and install joinery, but a designer can take it to the next level with functionality, design, and materials to suit the existing space.

Colour consulting: Colours are not just limited to interior and exterior paint specifications. Material selections from carpet to tile to joinery and countertops is also part of colour consulting. (Note: colours are highly influenced by external elements so are best viewed on site.)

Spatial planning: Floor plans drawn to scale with existing room dimensions and furniture (if applicable) dimensions aid in reviewing traffic flow and new furniture purchase and placement.

Furniture specification: Designers have a wealth of knowledge of products and suppliers. They can help you discover items you may not have considered for your space. Furniture specification lists may also be a shopping guideline in terms on size, material, style.

Below are some examples of the projects I have consulted on:

Spatial Plan and Furniture Selection

Spatial Plan and Furniture Selection: The client had recently moved into a new apartment. As well as her style was evolving; some of the existing furniture pieces weren’t working in the new space. Assistance was required in creating a cohesive plan. Any new furniture needed to tie in with the existing pieces, as well as fit comfortably within the new space. Floor plan was drafted up, and new pieces researched, then purchased. (Dimensions redacted as a part of intellectual property.)

Balcony railing

Balustrade Drafting: The existing timber balustrade of this exterior balcony was rotting and falling apart. It needed to be replaced and updated to the current Building Code. I designed a new balustrade for the client that would tie in with the existing architecture, and the client could then communicate and coordinate these details with the builder. (Some items have been removed for privacy.)

Furniture specification

Furniture Specification Sheet: Example of a page out of a furniture specification sheet. Client wanted guidance on updating the interior of their small inner city apartment. Furniture specification sheet was drafted up based on tying in new pieces with existing furniture, as well as lightening up the interiors of the east facing unit. (All furniture specification sheets come as a PDF with clickable links to the products. Some information here as been removed as part of the intellectual property of Donna Vercoe Design.

Joinery details

Joinery Drafting: The client wanted to maximise the empty space in the master bedroom, with future plans to relocate the master bedroom and turn the existing master into a games room. Design brief was to incorporate a TV into a cupboard that could be closed when not in use, along with incorporating space for a home office and additional make up desk. I drafted up plans, along with a materials list, that the client was then able to communicate to the joiner. (Dimensions redacted as a part of intellectual property.)