A Shopping Guide to Mirrors

Shopping Guide to Mirrors


Mirrors are not just for looking at yourself! They are also a great way to reflect light around a space, or reflect the view into a space that may not otherwise have a view. Even though mirrors are a fairly common item, it can be difficult to find ones that are well designed. I know, because I have spent hours down the mirror rabbit hole, looking for the perfect mirror for a client. So below, I am sharing a list of the mirrors I have found so you can save a trip into the depths of the internet!

1. West Elm has a great selection of mirrors. Shown here is the Metal Framed Round Mirror in Antique Brass for $749.00.
2. The Miro Miro mirror from Fred International has a sweet little shelf.. possibly for a candle to reflect light in the evening? Priced from $634.
3. Hang 1 Capsule Mirror from Blu Dot is a modern variation on the traditional hallway mirror - $479.00.
4. Who says mirrors have to have a plain reflective surface? These powder coated steel frame mirrors from Muuto are available in three colours (and two different sizes). Muuto Mirrors available at Living Edge and prices start at $465.
5. The Press Mirror from Cult is so named for the pressed out details around the circle of the mirror. Price available on request.
6. An Instagram search led me to the New Zealand company of Joska and Sons. The frame of the Round Outline Mirrors has a beautiful screw detail on the side of the frame. Prices start at $480.00 NZ.
7. The Soho Floor Mirror from MCM House has a lip of black powder coated metal which gives it an edge on its regular floor length mirror competition. Price available on request.

If you would like assistance with mirrors, or any other aspect of design, please have a look at my Design Consultant Service. It is available both online and in person, so you don’t just need to live in Sydey to access it!