Master bedroom


If you are having trouble creating your own functional and stylish spaces but are apprehensive about committing to a full interior design package, then a design consultant may be what you are looking for. A design consultant can help you plan your space and source items as well as giving you the courage and confidence to execute your ideas.

I have helped clients:
- Identify their style; likes and dislikes
- Floor and elevation plans to help plan furniture purchases
- Furniture and artwork sourcing to tie in with existing pieces
- Paint specifications to update a space
- Material selections for renovations
And more…

Most planning can be completed via email with site measurements and photographs, along with your inspirational photos and favourite colours. I may email through a questionnaire to garner more information if needed. I am also available for on site visits (after 3 hours of services) within the Sydney area if required.

The design consultancy service is designed to fit within your budget; so you can pay for what you need. Pricing is billed out hourly; more information on pricing can be found here.

For more information, please email me at or call on 0427 364 505 to discuss further.