Interior Decoration

Design Consultant Services

traditional in-home and online design services.

We understand that hiring an interior designer may feel intimidating.  As well, you may not necessarily need the services of a full-service design boutique.  The “a la carte” service is designed to allow you to pick and choose the components to meet your design project needs.  These items may include concept boards, floor and elevation plans to help plan furniture purchases, furniture and artwork sourcing to tie in with existing pieces, paint specifications to update a space, material selections for renovations etc. Scroll down for more…

Cost: $300 for the consultation, then custom pricing.
More information on Design Consultant Services can be found in this blog post.


One-off design consultation

traditional in-home and online design services.

On-site, or online if outside Sydney metro, we will review your ideas, dreams and budget. You can ask questions on anything from paint colours, furniture placement, furniture and art selections, window treatments, material selections, to suppliers and retailers.  At the end of the meeting, you will have gained information and have a better idea on the direction you want to take from there.  Having the advice of a design professional in the pre-planning stages can help you avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes in the future.

Cost: $300

More information on pricing can be found here.

Coffee table vignette


A cabinet maker might be able to install build and install joinery, but a designer can take it to the next level with functionality, design, and materials to suit the existing space.


Colour consulting

Colours are not just limited to interior and exterior paint specifications. Material selections from carpet to tile to joinery and countertops is also part of colour consulting. (Note: colours are highly influenced by external elements so are best viewed on site.)


Spatial planning

Floor plans drawn to scale with existing room dimensions and furniture (if applicable) dimensions aid in reviewing traffic flow and new furniture purchase and placement.



Furniture specification

Designers have a wealth of knowledge of products and suppliers. They can help you discover items you may not have considered for your space. Furniture specification lists may also be a shopping guideline in terms on size, material, style.


artwork selection

Artwork can be a challenge unto itself. While there is a wide range of stock out there, it can still be a challenge to fit the right piece to suit your style and budget. Donna Vercoe Design has a wide range of suppliers to draw from to help you find the perfect piece.



If you are looking for pieces to finish off your space, but struggling with where to source these items, Donna Vercoe Design has an extensive knowledge of items outside of the regular retail stores. We can help you create a polished and cohesive look.