30-60 Minute Design Q+A

30-60 Minute Design Q+A


Designed to give you a feel for working with a designer and a peek into the design process. The 30-60 Min Design Q+A is a quick design consultation that’s done remotely, via email only (no phone calls or Skype), to answer a specific question or address a specific problem you are having with your interior.  Whether you are having issues with storage, or locating a specific product, or questions on paint colours, I have amassed a database of products to draw on to assist you with a solution to your problem.

Additional Notes: Consultation sessions are limited to one consultation per customer. Any additional work generated outside the Q&A will be billed at an hourly rate, as agreed on with the client in a separate contract. More information on pricing can be found here.

These sessions make great content for my blog, so unless you specifically ask for your Q&A not to be shared, I retain the right to use the images and responses, anonymously, of course. If you do want your session to be private, then please let me know.


Ideas for 30-60 Minute Design Q+A may include: sourcing lighting as per this post.

Have questions? Please feel free to email: info@donnavercoe.com

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