How to Create a Sophisticated Coastal Space

If coastal is your style, you might collect and decorate with driftwood, shells, oars, starfish and paint your walls blue.  However, if you want to bring a level of sophistication to your style, then you can start to develop your materials and colours.  If you like shells, then you can layer in creamy woven textiles who's pattern mimics the pattern of shells.  Driftwood could translate as timber; which you could bring in through the rough timber of a coffee or console table.  Look to sailboats for inspiration; pick apart all its pieces.  A round porthole could translate as a round mirror or round side table; or both.  Repetition in design makes the space feel considered and cohesive.  Look beyond basic blue, and pick out the blues from the ocean: a soft blue of water at the shoreline, the aqua blue of tropical waters, or the indigo blue of the deep ocean.  Pair them with crisp whites of sea foam, or moody grey skies or the inky blackness of an angry sea.

Sophisticated Coastal Space


Table Lamp: West Elm
Mirror: Warranbrooke
Rug: Bo Concept
Artwork: Otomys
Sofa: MCM House
Coffe Table: Globe West
Side Tables: Bo Concept
Throw: West Elm
Dulux Paint: Casper White Quarter, Endless Dusk, Oceanic, Baltic

Bedroom Tour - Child's Retreat


A bedroom update for a young Japanese anime fan!

Plyroom Dream Cloud Loft Bed

A growing young girl was moving out of a shared room with her sister and into a new room of her own.  A new bedroom design was required to meet her changing needs and interests.

One of my favourite parts of the design process is the research portion, and learning new things. Prior to interviewing my 8 year old client, I had never heard of Studio Ghibli.  It is a Japanese animation studio best known for its anime feature films; and has the sweetest little animated characters.  This one was of my starting points for the design, as were the green and aqua paint chips supplied by the client. (Who had had fun at Bunnings, selecting colours for her new room!)

Space was limited in the room, and we wanted to incorporate a desk for homework and crafts as well as a bed.  It was the client herself who came up with the idea of a loft bed.  Researching from there, we found a beautiful bed from Plyroom, which would give her space to sleep above and work below.  As she would be up high in the bed, I wanted her to have something interesting to see on her walls while curled up in bed.  During our design consult, she told me she loved mountains, and had fond memories of a skiing trip to Japan.  Also an active gamer with a YouTube channel, a vlogging couch was another item on the wish list.  (Again, something else new I learned! Vlogging is video blogging, and seems the thing the young kids are doing these days is voice-overs on video game tutorials).  I had the YouTube logo in my head when I came across the triangle cushion, and the theme on geometic shapes developed from there, including triangles as mountains on the wall.

There is an annex room off the bedroom, so I found a corner piece from a sectional that would tuck neatly into the corner to create a vlogging zone.  For a reading chair in the main area, I specified the Bend Good Farm House chair; its colour matching the wall perfectly and its wire back tying in with the geometric theme.  A pinboard from One Kings Lane also fit the geometric/aqua theme and is a perfect place to store little treasures and tack birthday invites.  With a loft bed, bedside storage can get tricky.  Plyroom has thought of this and they supply a shelf that hooks on the edge of the bed.  It works well for holding a bottle of water and a book, and displaying treasures.

This room has been designed to grow with the client.  Once she reaches early teens, the furniture will still accommodate her and all she will have to do is swap out the accessories and mural.  The client has happily moved into her room, and I have moved on to her sister's room.  Stayed tuned for part 2...

 Design concept

Design concept

 Sleeping in the mountain tops

Sleeping in the mountain tops

 Sweet wooden Japanese doll collection

Sweet wooden Japanese doll collection

One Kings Lane pinboard
Bend Goods Farmhouse Chair
 Vlogging corner

Vlogging corner

Japanese dolls

All photography © Donna Vercoe