An un-updated blog usually means one of two two things: that the administrator has gone AWOL, or they have been busy with work projects.  I am happy to report that it has been the latter for myself... though at times I have felt like I've gone AWOL!  Can I just say though... could 2017 please slow down for the rest of the year?  I just noticed that my last blog post was from April 18... well over two months ago!  This year is moving far too quickly.

I have added a quick slide show here of concepts I have developed for several projects, currently in the design and implementation stage.  They are still a while off completion, but I will see about getting some progress pics posted along the way.

Now, back to work...

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Home Scents

A beautifully designed home should appeal to all the senses, including scent.  I have rounded up a few of my favourite scents that I continue to come across at trade shows, boutique stores and markets.  Just click on the brand name to be taken straight to the online store!

Pink flowers © Donna Vercoe

Palm Beach Collection - Coconut and Lime diffuser is one of my faves.  It smells like the tropics, and you could sit it on an entryway console to greet people as they enter your home.

Maison Blanche - Handcrafted soy candles from Sydney, they have a Fresh Coffee candle which is almost as good as the real thing!

Bondi Wash - Beautiful Australian natural botanicals makes cleaning enjoyable.  From Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender Bench Spray to Lemon Tea Tree and Mandarin Hand Soap; you will want to be cleaning all the time!  (Well, let’s not push it!)

Urban Rituelle - They have you covered in the scents department with home products such as candles and diffusers, through to a wide range of personal products.

Alchemy Produx - More amazing scented soy candles; packaged in glass beakers and flasks for a unique take on the candle.

Arty Fragrance - I seek this company out every time I am at a trade show… I really need to buy their candles!  The scents conjure up detailed scenes; one candle smells like the streets of Paris, of which smells to me like a musky old theatre, in a good way!  Another one smells like what I image a gentleman’s study would smell like; cigars, burning wood and leather.  Proving that candles are not just for women!

Garden Roses © Donna Vercoe

Photography © Donna Vercoe